Since the managed services industry is relatively new, our marketing team has to spend a lot of time educating our market. Our services are very technical but serve a very simple purpose, on the DNS side, we route users to websites, and on the Email side, we ensure transactional email delivery. Now, there is a bunch of stuff that goes on in the background that we don’t need to get into, but that is the just of it. There are some things my company does that  align with other companies in our space like webinars, whitepapers, case studies, etc but on top of this we host, what we call, “Roadshows.” Roadshows are themed lunch seminars to create a more intimate environment to educate prospects and build customer loyalty. Along with these roadshows we host a lot of parties, whether they be at events or at our office, for networking and meeting with prospects.

In order to manage all these events, we use an application called Eventbrite. Eventbrite is a social event platform for creating, managing, and promoting events through social media and email. An example of one of Dyn’s event’s promoted via Eventbrite can be found here, where all the information for our SXSW party is located. This app allows us to break the mold when in our industry which historically relied heavily on the traditional tradeshow’s for event marketing. We have the ability to provide experiences for our clients and prospects that will last a lot longer in their memory than a conversation at a booth at a giant tradeshow.

Eventbrite allows people to register for your events via mobile app or web application and share it over their social media network. It also automatically email’s and reminds them when events are approaching to make sure it is not forgotten. After an event it allows you to export all your attendees and non-attendees to an excel file for upload into your CRM and/ or Marketing Automation platform. At my work we adjust follow up messaging depending on whether people attended or not attended. While the attendees are more engaged than non-attendees, we will send a relevant piece of content to the non-attendees to try to re-engage them prior to passing them to sales. Ultimately our events are evaluated on how many net new leads we can acquire and how many sales opportunities are generated and closed as a result.

Event follow up is crucial for converting event goers into leads in our industry. Since our product’s implementation process is technically complex, it requires walkthroughs and multiple phone calls with our sales engineers along with a contract to complete. This cannot be done at a tradeshow so continuing the conversation following these events is key. We are able to track all these events from Eventbrite all the way through our marketing and sales software’s to track ROI and make decisions about what events to have in the future.

Some other features worth noting are its analytics and ability to take payments if the event were to cost money to get into. All of Dyn’s events are free so we don’t use that feature too much but I have attended events in the past which use Eventbrite and needed payment. It’s very simple to pay through the app and when you get to the event all you need to do is show the person working the door your mobile device.  I also like how it recommends events based on past registrations, if you have friends within your social network that have registered and your location. When I travel to tradeshow’s it helps me find smaller events in the area worth checking out as well as smaller get together’s in my area. I would say Eventbrite is a must have for any company organizing events on their own and individuals looking to get involved with their industries/ communities. It takes a lot of legwork out of the logistics, aids with the tracking of success, drives attendance and the kicker is, it’s free!

So a couple months ago I moved out of a business development role to a marketing programs coordinator role, both had to do with lead generation but instead if emailing and calling people individually, now I use marketing automation to generate and nurture leads. For anyone who has done marketing automation stuff before you know building and optimizing landing pages is an integral part of the process.

The first company I think most people turn to regardless of whether or not they are using their product is Hubspot. They are not only excellent at optimizing landing pages but they offer a ton of content surrounding landing page building. Naturally, we turned to them as well and realized, although their pages work great in their industry, the same tactics would t work in ours. We saw below average click through rates on all of our social and ppc campaigns and realized we needed to regroup.

Example of Hubspot Page:

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.59.00 PM

The beauty of the Internet is the ability to see exactly what your competition is doing. We googled the keywords that we wanted to optimize and checked out the landing pages that came up. We noticed vast differences in design and content. It appears that the IT audience requires a lot more information on their landing pages to fill out a form than a marketer.

Example of IT Landing Page:

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.58.09 PM

We are currently working on developing and deploying these now and I will bring you updates when we have some results! We are looking to combine the attention grabbing elements of the Hubspot pages with the added information of the other one. It is a catch 22, give too much information and we risk losing out on good conversations, give to little, and we run the same risk.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of making a personal site for a while now and after attending the AHA! Summit yesterday at SNHU I finally got the motivation to do so. Learned some cool stuff but one thing that really hit home was how marketing yourself is just as important as marketing for a company. They said personal blogs are a great way to do so, so this is how I wound up here. I usually contribute to my company’s blog over at The Woods Collective so this will just be my personal stuff.

I will try to post periodically with some updates on what I’m working on, hope some of the stuff here can help!